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And finally we reach the dark nether regions of Hanover Animal Hospital: the kennel. It's usually pretty loud back here--dogs like to talk--but the staff tries to keep it as fresh-smelling as possible with the power washer and lots of Parvosol. That's no easy feat with Jezebelle, the dog to my right, always making a mess! She's actually not staying at HAH any longer--she has found a wonderful home with one of our kennel attendants and is now living a life of spoiled rotten luxury. 

Here's another view of the runs, with the center island used for washing and storing food and water bowls. We also keep a radio on back here for musical accompaniment to the various barks, howls, and yips of our talented boarding dogs. 


<< Here I am modeling the waterproof grooming smock we use while giving baths. Check out my moody pout

.  >> To the right of the runs is our dog ward, complete with a big tub just for dog washing. 

This is the cat ward, which isn't usually as smelly or loud as the dog ward (that is, less fun), and also a little warmer 'cause the laundry room is right next door. Occasionally I try to sneak back here to scare the kitties, but they mostly nap and ignore me.